Chairman's Message

The establishment of The Unique Schools, Pakistan is a continuous efforts and expression of my passion for quality education. I strongly believe that its curriculum and co-curriculum programs will contribute a positive change in rearing an attitude among students to remain responsive and creative to their educational needs. I am vigilant to make unique schools a quality brand delivering high level of professionalism and market driven needs. I wish better future to all our students and stakeholders.

Syed Babar Rehan Zaidi, Chairman UIES

CEO's Message

Education is the only way to return to your country what it has blessed you and your generations. The dire need of the time is to work on quality education and develop our people for the current & future challenges and refine them as the most civilized individuals. I believe Unique Schools will contribute quality education at minimum cost to all segments of Pakistan without any disparity. It is also my strong conviction to ensure better return on our stakeholders’ investments with enduring partnership. I hope, together we can change the concept of real education touching the pinnacle of success and establish the best.


Ibrar Khan Niazi, CEO UIES


Project Director's Message

It was my long obsessions to develop a school system that must meet students’ physical, mental and spiritual strength and make them the most productive and responsible citizens of Pakistan. I am thankful to the Chairman & CEO of the group to deliver my passion as Unique Schools & Academies under the umbrella of Unique International Educational Services (UIES). The core purpose of this collaborative project is to create a network of standardized quality schools across Pakistan by focusing on the global needs in education with a social responsibility. Further, we will ensure quality at the most economical cost so, all segments of our society shall benefit from our schools. I wish to deliver all my learnt experience as per parents’ dreams which is our prime responsibility.

Prof. Iftikhar Ahmad Sheikh, Project Director, UIES